Even Einstein needed Long Term Care before he died.  This is why at Weirdwarp.com we are offering our employees Hybrid Long-Term Care Insurance as part of their benefit package. Whenever you are on the market for a Hybrid Long-Term Care Insurance plan you want to make sure you find a product that is best for your needs. Many people are unaware that there are many choices when it comes to choosing a plan best suited for them.

The most important aspect of your policy is that you are protected from the devastating high cost of receiving long term care where the US average is $75,345/year. You don’t want to end up outliving your money saved for your retirement. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that you are covered. Whether or not you will end up needing long-term care or not, it is always smart to have a plan that will ensure financial stability not just for you, but your loved ones.

Lincoln MoneyGuard II is a plan that will provide you with Hybrid Long-Term Care Insurance and help to fit into your financial plans. You have the flexibility to make your plan best suited for you while still having protection.

There are many benefits with this plan. Not only will you be protected but you will be getting more for your money due to the income tax-free reimbursements that will be worth more than your premium payments. Your policy costs are also set at issue, which means that they will never increase, like most other policies.

You have the option to add a Hybrid Long-Term Care Insurance. This is another plus because in the event that you don’t need long-term care, your beneficiaries and loved ones will receive a tax free death benefit.

This type of policy is beneficial because not only do you have protection from any unexpected finances, but also protects your loved ones, as well.

You also have options if you change your mind. Which means if you do change your mind, your money is not lost. You can get back all or most of the cash invested. Depending on how much you have paid, or how many years the policy is in place you can receive 80% or more of your return.

You are able to stay in control of your financial future, while having many options and added advantages. They also offer a couples discount so make sure to inquire about all options when choosing the Hybrid Long-Term Care Insurance plan that is right for you.


If you want more information, visit the www.hybridlongtermcareplans.com website to learn more about the Lincoln Money Guard II and other products and options offered.